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    16 Bathrooms That Were Actually Designed By The Devil

    Who signed off on these?

    1. This bathroom has decided to throw your privacy out the window and put mirrors on the ceiling.

    owa1313 / Via

    2. The door for this bathroom will never shut because the potty is in the way.

    kalitarios / Via

    3. This bathroom is built on top of an old elevator shaft, which is a huge nope from me.

    kmosdell / Via

    4. This bathroom needlessly put a semitransparent glass pane in the door in case you want an audience.

    goodluck_canuck / Via

    5. And this bathroom has an entire wall of semitransparent glass in case you want your audience to see even more.

    Shiawase__ / Via

    6. This bathroom's owner decided to restock the toilet paper in the absolute worst way possible.

    Stijnie / Via

    7. This bathroom charges you money to use it and makes you swipe your credit card before you open the door.

    OFBA / Via

    8. This bathroom has the toilet paper on the outside of the stall so you can practice your estimating skills.

    the_potuguse_codfish / Via

    9. As if watching yourself poop isn't bad enough, this bathroom grants you the ability to see yourself pooping into infinity.

    F33DBACK__ / Via

    10. This bathroom decided to offset one tile to fill you with bitter rage.

    Jackasoarusrex / Via

    11. This bathroom's toilet seat has barbed wire in it??????

    kellmer123 / Via

    12. This wheelchair-accessible bathroom has a step right in front of it.

    Titwank911 / Via

    13. This bathroom plays ads in the mirror while you wash your hands so you can't check your hair and you get a craving for soda.

    jakeeem / Via

    14. This bathroom's toilet seat isn't dirty. Someone chose to make the seat look like this. I don't know why either.

    multiversee / Via

    15. This bathroom makes you download an app to gain access to it, which, IMHO, should be illegal.

    mmomoomoon / Via

    16. And finally, this bathroom has gaps between the stalls that are so big, someone could pass you a copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone for you to read while you're taking care of business.

    jthaih / Via



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