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I'm Not Saying You're A Bad Cook, But If You've Done 15/21 Of These Things, It's Not Looking Good

No five-second rules allowed!

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  1. Have you ever started cooking pasta in water that wasn't boiling yet?

  2. Have you ever opened the oven door to check on something that was baking?

  3. Have you ever started baking something before your oven was preheated?

  4. Do you wash your meat before you cook it?

  5. Do you add dry spices to a dish after its done cooking?

  6. Do you use a glass cutting board?

  7. When your meat is done cooking, do you cut it before letting it rest?

  8. Do you use boiling water for tea and coffee?

  9. Do you rinse cooked pasta after draining it?

  10. Do you defrost meat on the counter?

  11. Have you ever put a cast-iron skillet in the dishwasher?

  12. Do you prepare your fruits and vegetables without washing them?

  13. Do you keep your knives sharpened?

  14. Do you measure flour for a recipe by scooping it from the package and leveling the excess off?

  15. Do you use the highest heat setting to cook everything?

  16. Do you pour cooking oil down the drain?

  17. Do you skip the step of tenderizing your meat before cooking it?

  18. Do you continuously use the same sponge to clean your dishes without ever cleaning the sponge?

  19. Do you eat uncooked cake batter or raw cookie dough?

  20. Do you use metal utensils on nonstick pans?

  21. Finally, do you believe in the five-second rule?