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    Only Eagle-Eyed Fans Can Spot This "Arrested Development" Easter Egg In "Infinity War"

    There's always infinity stones in the banana stand.

    I'm going to cut right down to it. There's an Arrested Development Easter egg in Infinity War and I feel like my two best friends just had a baby.


    You remember Tobias Fünke? He is the psychoanalyst-turned-actor who always had the worst choice in words?


    Well it turns out that he became part of the Collector's vast amount of treasures and oddities in Infinity War.


    His cameo is included in a clip leaked back in November, and it's too perfect for words.

    Arrested Development easter egg in the leaked Avengers: Infinity War clip. A reference to Tobias Fünke after he auditioned for the Blue Man Group.

    You can see him here, after he just blue himself, in his signature cutoff jean shorts (because he's a never-nude).


    He's also confirmed in the credits.


    Although David Cross, who plays Tobias in the series, is not depicting the character Infinity War.

    Why is Tobias in a Marvel movie? Infinity War directors Joe and Anthony Russo also directed several episodes of Arrested Development including the pilot.


    Which is why there's also an Arrested Development Easter egg in Russo brothers-directed Captain America: Civil War. You can see the Bluth family stair car behind Ant-Man.

    Marvel, Fox

    And Entertainment Weekly says they "have it on good authority" that there will be another Arrested Development nod in Avengers 4.


    It's honestly just one more reason why I can't wait until next year.


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