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    Posted on Dec 14, 2017

    21 Questions I, An American, Have For The UK Side Of Tumblr

    What the hell is a scoobywoofer?

    1. Why do you call them "cheese toasties" if you're not making them in a toaster?

    theycalledherlove / Via

    2. What's the story behind scissors?

    lyrics-are-poetryy / Via

    3. What is happening here?

    shooglebug / Via

    4. What does this say?

    memeufacturing / Via

    5. Are we allowed to come to your Doctor Who parties?

    kindasherlocked / Via

    6. Do you guys like the Great British Bakeoff more than Doctor Who? Am I going to get in trouble for asking that?

    therearemomentsofcollapse / Via

    7. What's a jolly good chin wag?

    8. Do you guys use acronyms?

    amoyed / Via

    9. Was this dog employee of the month?

    tastefullyoffensive / Via

    10. Is Greater Manchester alright?

    rudelyfe / Via

    11. What is dogging, really?

    dorothy-cotton / Via

    12. Also, what is a weeaboo, and did I just get insulted?

    yoonginyc / Via

    13. What the hell is happening in Yorkshire?

    jenfold / Via

    14. Is this guy OK?

    nightsw-imming / Via

    15. we have British accents?

    16. What are you planning?

    b4bytrap / Via

    17. Why do you like the letter "U" so much?

    takshammy / Via

    18. What's the exchange rate?

    19. How do you get anything done if you can summon dinosaurs to your webpages?

    flyingtentaclelampfucker / Via

    20. Do you all think we don't have Twizzlers?

    balile / Via

    21. Finally, just...are you guys alright?

    nieznamcie / Via

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