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    17 Words Of Wisdom That Every High School Graduate Should Hear

    "It doesn't get easier. You get better."

    On Friday, Reddit user RobbeVermont posted an interesting question: What is something you wished you knew when you were 18 years old. The life advice that people have been dishing out is 💯:


    1. "Don't fuck up your credit."

    "That shit is difficult to fix and lasts a very long time." —pedddster

    2. "Making mistakes is okay. Life is about learning."

    3. "Don't feel so desperate to get your life started."

    "I washed out of everything (college, the Marines, and a union factory job) because all I thought about was how to be an "adult." When I got a job that was part-time and low-paying, I finally excelled to a point where I became a manager and started actually building experience that lead me to a real career." —thisguymightgetit

    4. "There is always something to learn after failed relationships."

    "Even if at first it doesn't seem like you did anything wrong, retrospection will reveal your own mistakes and failures." —conquer69

    5. "Once you graduate high school you basically get a fresh start."

    "Whatever negative stigma you had in high school (ex: nerd, weird kid, etc.) doesn't matter anymore in the real world." —maddogca

    6. "It is important to ask the questions you do not want to hear the answer to."


    7. "Learn when to give a fuck and when not to give a fuck."

    "Think how things will affect others and put yourself in their shoes. Think how things that get you mad will affect you in five years, and see if it is worth being angry." —JCnaitchii

    8. "Life is a marathon, not a sprint."

    "Caring for your body now (protecting your joints, eating well, sleeping, drinking alcohol in moderation) pays off the rest of your life. Don't start waking up in pain in your 30's." —wolverinex5

    9. "It’s OK to live the life you want."

    "Seeking approval from lovers, friends, parents or anyone else leads you to starting over at 30." —sweetcheeks777

    10. "Sometimes the way we see people and the way they actually are are totally different."


    11. "You’re better looking than you think you are."

    "Own it, and don’t get down on yourself because someone isn’t into you." —rabid_chocobo

    12. "Brush your teeth and floss."

    "Dentist visits are expensive." —glowinghamster45

    13. Get relevant work experience.

    "If you have a major like nursing, computer science, or accounting, get an internship with related work experience and build contacts that will land you jobs in the future." —95regenerator

    14. "Start saving money ASAP."


    15. "People you love will not be here forever, so show them and tell them that you love them."

    "Spend time with them now because they will be gone before you know it. I feel like once you turn 18, time starts moving really fast." —vanquishhh

    16. "Go with your gut."

    "Value your own opinions more and others' less." —rambonerD

    17. And finally, "It doesn't get easier. You get better."


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