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Here Are 16 Of The Punniest Tweets From The "Add Marvel Improve Anything" Hashtag And, Honestly, They're Golden

BRB, gotta go binge watch "Orange is the New Black Widow."

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1. Guys, SotallyToberHashtags challenged people this week with the hashtag #AddMarvelImproveAnything, and the hilarious results are in:

iamkrishunter / Via Twitter: @iamkrishunter

2. And, TBH, it's true – Marvel does improve everything:

keshatedder / Via Twitter: @KeshaTedder

3. If this isn't going to be some sort of commercial, I'm going to be furious:

boomdingwinning / Via Twitter: @boomdingwinning

4. If you need an idea destined to be featured in Oprah's Book Club, here you go:

markriter / Via Twitter: @MarkRiter

5. If you want something relatable and also action-packed, look no further:

robertomegadoom / Via Twitter: @RobertOmegaDoom

6. If someone doesn't hit up Falcon and Frankie Muniz for this sitcom ASAP, I will:

imthatdoug / Via Twitter: @ImThatDoug

7. If you've always shipped Angela Bassett and Groot, I have a movie for you:

sassyfacts_1 / Via Twitter: @SassyFacts_1

8. If Katy Perry is looking for a song idea, here it is:

im_srishabh21 / Via Twitter: @im_srishabh21

9. If Bill and Ted can wrangle Genghis Khan and Napoleon Bonaparte, they could probably throw down some Chitauri:

eddie_ferrero / Via Twitter: @eddie_ferrero

10. If you're waiting for that timeless romantic classic, this is for you:

keshatedder / Via Twitter: @KeshaTedder

11. If you want to see a movie that has Spider-Man with a long braid, ta-da:

mrjafri / Via Twitter: @mrjafri

12. If you think all literary classics need Hugh Jackman in them, you're right:

Angryref / Via Twitter: @ANGRYref

13. If you and your friend, Gwyneth Paltrow, need a band name, look no further:

rivastaro / Via Twitter: @RivasTaro

14. If you ever need a little extra ~something~...

jusgully / Via Twitter: @JusGully

15. All you have to do is add superheroes. The proof is in the pudding:

wickedtags / Via Twitter: @WickedTags

16. Thank you, Stan.

im_srishabh21 / Via Twitter: @im_srishabh21
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