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    17 Details At Disney Parks That Have Been Hiding All Along, Until Now

    The best Easter eggs are always up high.

    As a former cast member and pass holder, I like to think I know Disney parks pretty well, which is why I'm always delighted when I find new Easter eggs I've never noticed before. Here are 17 I just found out about:

    1. After one HippopotoMai-Tai too many, Mr. Toad left his keys at Trader Sam's Grog Grotto in the Polynesian Village Resort. These are the operational keys for Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, which closed down in 1998.

    Keys on the ceiling

    2. Oh, and that's not the only defunct ride to have a prop in Trader Sam's. A life preserver from the Maelstrom, the ride that was turned into Frozen Ever After in the Norway Pavilion of Epcot, is hanging on the wall.

    A wall with lots of objects, including photos and the life preserver

    3. Tiana's hat and coat are hanging up at Tiana's Palace in New Orleans Square.

    4. The Ark of the Covenant is chilling in the rafters of Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar.

    Arrow pointing to the Ark near the ceiling

    5. And when it becomes Jock Lindsey's holiday bar, all of the postcards in the garland are from locations in Indiana Jones movies.

    A decorated Christmas garland

    6. And here's one more fun fact (since it's one of my favorite places on Disney property). The cabinet between the two bathrooms in Jock Lindsey's at Disney Springs not only has the amulet from Raiders of the Lost Ark but also has Indy's retirement clock from Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, along with a leather jacket that Harrison Ford wore for the movies.

    7. In Journey of Water at Epcot, iconic Moana movie moments are baked into the rocks.

    8. This plaque is posted inconspicuously in the Living Seas at Epcot, signaling that the building was a finalist for the Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award in 1987. It lost to the restoration of the Statue of Liberty, but it's still wild how a theme park building went up against impressive international structures for an engineering award.

    The plaque noting that the Living Seas was recognized with the Civil Engineering Achievement Award of Merit

    9. In the queue for Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway, the popcorn is shaped like some familiar faces.

    Close-up of popcorn

    10. Also in Runaway Railway, the columns are the same as the singing columns in Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room.

    11. And the totems are carved into the spoons at the Dole Whip stand at the Polynesian.

    Close-up of spoons

    12. The gravestones in the queue of the Haunted Mansion name-drop several of the Imagineers who originally worked on the ride, including Marc Davis and Claude Coats, the designers of the ride's theme, and Leota Toombs (an artist at Imagineering who is the head and voice of Madame Leota in the ride).

    The three gravestones: "Our Patriarch Dear Departed Grandpa Marc," "Dear Sweet Leota, Beloved by All," and "At Peaceful Rest Lies Brother Claude, Planted Here Beneath This Sod"

    13. There are little rat prints in the cement through the queue of Remy's Ratatouille Adventure and winding into a "cast only" area.

    Small animal prints in the cement

    14. Also near Remy's Ratatouille Adventure is wine bottled at Anton Ego's estate. The year on the wine is 2014, the year that Remy's Ratatouille Adventure opened at Disneyland Paris.

    Bottles of Château Ego wine

    15. You can typically find Mickey Mouse greeting guests in the same outfit his stuffed animal counterpart is wearing.

    16. The gingerbread house at Disney's Contemporary Resort has 12 hidden five-legged goats, a nod to Mary Blair's mural in the Contemporary Resort's atrium that features a five-legged goat.

    Close-up of the gingerbread house

    17. Finally, Disney's Coronado Springs Resort has a Gran Destino Tower. It was named after Destino, the film Walt Disney made with Salvador Dalí.

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    Have you noticed a little Disney detail you love? Tell us in the comments below!