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Eight Reasons Why Richard Dawson Was Cooler Than You Will Ever Be

The gameshow legend passed away this weekend at 79 years old. We remember him fondly as the coolest gameshow host ever.

1. He's Kissed More Women Than You

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If you watch these old clips you will see that this man was a top notch sex symbol. Kissing Dawson was apparently like experiencing second base for the first time at summer camp all over again.

2. He Was The First Host Of Family Feud

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Family Feud went on the air in 1978 with Dawson as the first host. He was coming off being the coolest panelist on Match Game for years and it was clear he was the man for the job. 34 years later, Feud still rules the daytime airwaves, and is on its 6th host with Steve Harvey.

3. The Man Was Smarter Than You

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Gameshows... democratizing American television one everyday citizen at a time. Occasionally you get a Ken Jennings...but face it, it's way more fun getting the dumbs dumbs. Dawson handled these folks with aplomb.

4. He Played The Coolest Movie Villain Ever

5. He Was ALWAYS Right

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This clip is fun. Dawson was ALWAYS right on Match Game. If you were a contestant, and you needed to win, Dawson was the man to pick. Dude could basically read minds. This clip is a rare instance of his inaccuracy, and his appeal for correction to the producers was grossly rejected despite his reputation as the golden Match Game panelist. If Dawson said he meant to write something meant to write something else. Regardless, these old Match Game episodes are amazing and we waste hours watching them on YouTube - mostly for Dawson sightings.

6. He Had A Psychedelic Rock Single In 1967

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Jake Fogelnest Blog / Via

I'm suddenly imagining LCD Soundsystem's "I Was There" including a reference to this.

7. Dude Was Funnier Than You

8. This Picture