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Quick DVR Guide To Some New TV Comedies Of 2012

Here's a handy DVR guide to help try some new TV comedies, judge them for yourself, and quickly resolve those recording conflicts.

AWTV • 6 years ago

Can You Guess The Craziest Place To Get A Tattoo?

This one might not be safe for grandma...hold on to your britches!

AWTV • 7 years ago

Winning A Shirt Is Easier Than Black Barring Your Boobs

Who doesn't want free clothes and a little T and A? Or maybe mostly T...or maybe mostly covered up T...

AWTV • 7 years ago

25 George Lopez Sexy-Food One-Liners From "Take Me Out"

Food has become the new sexy on TV...George has brilliantly turned sexy back into food.

AWTV • 7 years ago

"Katy Perry: All Of Me In 3D" A Katy Parody

Close call, Russell could have had alien babies. Here's an amazing parody trailer of Katy Perry's trainwreck of a new movie.

AWTV • 7 years ago

Eight Reasons Why Richard Dawson Was Cooler Than You Will Ever Be

The gameshow legend passed away this weekend at 79 years old. We remember him fondly as the coolest gameshow host ever.

AWTV • 7 years ago

Cat Vs. Giant Wheel

I'm having 2001: Space Odyssey flashbacks...

AWTV • 7 years ago

Cat vs. Chihuahua

A rivalry for the ages...from brilliant Cleveland viral filmmaker, Mike Polk.

AWTV • 7 years ago

"I'm A Stupid Cat" - Cat

The greatest cat video on all time ever on the internet. From Mike Polk.

AWTV • 7 years ago

"I Can Lick My Balls!" -Cat

A power ballad worthy of the Sunset Strip circa late 80s. From brilliant Cleveland viral filmmaker, Mike Polk.

AWTV • 7 years ago