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    21 Struggles Breastfeeding Mommas Know All Too Well

    Check, check. Are these things on?

    1. The engorgement.

    2. Knowing your baby is crying from miles away. And feeling guilty about it.

    3. The first time you discover that omg this kid bites.

    4. The seriously sore nipples.

    5. The friends and family asking you when you're going to stop.

    6. The leaking. Oh, the leaking.

    7. The latching difficulties.

    8. THIS.

    9. The anywhere-everywhere nursing demands.

    10. The mastitis, aka the most frightening word of all time.

    11. The Whodini boobs.

    12. The pump, pump, pumping it up!

    13. The self-imposed comparisons to other nursing Moms.

    14. The hilarity of watching your baby get "milk drunk."

    15. The cravings.

    16. The eating the wrong thing and then paying for it when your baby screams bloody murder all night from dusk to dawn!

    17. The eating the wrong thing and then paying for it when you're covered in projectile diarrhea during a diaper change.

    18. The guilt when things don't go as planned.

    19. The fact that yes, sometimes you let the baby fall asleep nursing because you are SO. DAMN. TIRED.

    20. The nursing acrobatics.

    21. And the feels. All the feels.