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15 Moms Who Are So Creative They Deserve Your Applause

Innovation is their middle name.

1. This mom, who used her milk bags to store her kid's on-the-go snack:

2. This mom, who used a balloon to make Barbie a swim cap so her wet hair doesn't drip all over the floor after pool time:

3. This mom, who didn't have a poncho, but had a few trash bags:

4. This mom, who used her kid's diaper to share the movie popcorn:

5. This mom, who froze citrus slices in ice cubes to freshen up her drinks without worrying about the fruit going bad:

6. And this mom, who lost the rolling pin and, well, improvised:

7. This mom, who used a crib mattress sheet to make her kid a mess-free play area:

8. This mom, who used a toilet paper roll to keep the computer cord from getting tangled:

9. This mom, who used her baby's stroller for apple picking:

10. This mom, who wanted to keep the baby from yanking the Christmas tree ornaments:

11. And this mom, who wanted to keep her kids from sneaking downstairs to see if Santa came:

12. This mom, who used decorative tape to fix her kid's broken Batman:

13. This mom, who forgot her glasses, so she used a magnifying glass instead:

14. This mom, who used pool noodles to keep her tablecloths from getting fold creases:

15. And this grandma, who picked out the wrong card and tried her best to fix it: