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    Updated on Dec 9, 2019. Posted on Nov 29, 2019

    15 Husbands And Wives Whose Pranks Literally Destroyed Each Other

    Marriage is fighting fair, not playing fair.

    1. This wife, who showed her husband what happens when you fall asleep too early:

    2. This husband, who leaves Gumby and Pokey around the house in precarious positions for his wife to find:

    3. This wife, who bought a tarantula skin from the pet store and snuck it into her husband's bananas to scare him:

    onehundredjellyfish / Via

    4. This husband, who snuck this mannequin into the bed to get a rise out of his wife:

    5. This wife, whose husband bet her she couldn't shave his foot while he slept, so she did...and then some:

    6. And this husband, who added a few things to his wife's weekly meal planner:

    7. This wife, who made her husband's nap a little — OK, a lot — cuter:

    8. This husband, who snuck a photo of Ryan Gosling on his wife's body pillow because he got tired of hearing about him:

    9. This wife, who made some "adjustments" to her husband's shampoo bottle while he wasn't looking:

    daftpanzy / Via

    10. This husband, who hides this creepy-as-hell doll where he knows his wife will find it:

    11. This wife, whose husband asked her to put sunscreen on his back, so she did:

    12. This husband, who hid the remote from his wife where she would never find it:

    13. This husband, who got a little artistic on his wife's foot while she rested:

    14. This wife, who not only posted a hilarious message to her husband's Facebook, but also downloaded a period tracker to his phone:

    15. And this husband, who finished his wife's cake, and literally blamed it on the "dog:"

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