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    We Went To Disneyland Resort's Halloween Time And Here Are Our 22 Favorite Things

    From the spooky to the sweet at Disneyland Resort!

    Hi, I'm Asia, and the only thing my twin daughters and I love as much as Disneyland is Halloween.

    the author and her two daughters in dresses for Hamilton characters

    So when the Disneyland Resort's Halloween Time celebration began, we threw on our favorite ears to check out what they have going on this year. Here are some of our favorite things:

    1. Right after you enter Disneyland Park, you can grab a photo with the famous Mickey Halloween jack-o'-lantern on Main Street.

    author and her kids in front of the large pumpkin

    2. All up and down Main Street are plenty of souvenir shops and stands where you can grab a cute pair of Halloween Minnie ears.

    Minnie ears with ghosts and pumpkins

    3. Surrounding the Walt and Mickey statues at the end of Main Street are these super cool jack-o'-lanterns carved into popular Disney characters.

    carved pumpkin
    bugs bunny carved in the pumpkin
    tinkerbell on the pumpkin

    Our favorite was the one with Jack Skellington, aka "Mr. Halloween" — or "Mr. Christmas," depending on who you ask. ;-)

    author's daughter posing in front of the pumpkin

    4. And you can catch the Dapper Dans singing a special spooky set on Main Street.

    men singing on a porch

    5. In Tomorrowland, you can grab a seasonal pumpkin spice churro with cream cheese drizzle, which was a HUGE hit for us (we went back to the cart twice)!

    author's daughter taking a bite

    So. much. cream. cheese. drizzle. goodness!

    close up of the churro with cream cheese

    6. At various locations in both parks, you can find characters in Halloween-themed attire and grab a photo or selfie.

    author selfie

    7. And you can pop over to Red Rose Taverne for "the grave stuff," a play on the usual "grey stuff," which we ate so fast we honestly forgot to take a photo of it, eek!

    8. One of the attractions we loved the most on the Disneyland side is Haunted Mansion Holiday, which is when Haunted Mansion is basically transformed into Jack Skellington's playground a la Nightmare Before Christmas.

    haunted mansion entrance

    If you're a fan of the movie, you'll definitely appreciate the details in the outdoor portion of the line queue.

    jack skeleton in a santa suit at the entrance
    scarecrow with a pumpkin face
    mansion entrance

    In the inside portion, the famous Haunted Mansion paintings have been replaced with Nightmare Before Christmas-inspired ones:

    Santa in a sleigh
    snowman made of pumpkins

    9. Just outside of the ride, there's a cart with fun souvenirs from Nightmare Before Christmas, like these stuffies:

    stuffed doll of Sally
    stuffed doll of Jack

    10. And there are also other Haunted Mansion souvenirs — my favorite was this Madame Leota headstone pillow because Madame Leota is a whole Halloween vibe for me:

    the Madame Leota pillow

    11. In Frontierland, right next to the Rancho del Zocalo restaurant, is a beautiful Dia de Los Muertos celebration display.

    the author's daughters in front of the display
    day of the dead dolls at an altar

    12. And in that same area is a cart where you can get a Spicy Chocolate Churro with chocolate dipping sauce.

    author holding up the churro

    13. Over on the Disney's California Adventure side, Cars Land — and all its characters — has been totally "spookified" for the Halloween season, too!

    author and her daughters in front of a halloween-themed car

    14. And all of the rides and restaurants have been decorated with Halloween vibes Cars-style, including the gas station and the Cozy Cone Motel.

    the author's daughters in front of the cars-themed motel
    large traffic cones with spooky faces
    the cars-themed gas station
    the main street with cars details
    "trunk or treat" sign

    15. And next to Mater's Junkyard JamBOOee, you can catch a photo with a mummified Mater:

    the author's daughters posing with Mater

    16. A cool photo op on Buena Vista Street is the statue of the Headless Horseman on the way to Hollywood Land.

    the headless horseman

    17. Just around the bend from there is Guardians of the Galaxy: Monsters After Dark, which is a Halloween-ish take on the Mission Breakout version of the drop ride.

    18. Over at Galactic Grill, you can grab a non-alcoholic blood orange slush with raspberry sauce.

    author holding the drink

    19. But if you're in the mood for an adult beverage, there are also a variety of Halloween-themed cocktails throughout the resort. I was super excited to try the prickly pear vodka cocktail at DCA's Hollywood Lounge.

    author selfie with the drink

    20. Throughout both parks, there are plenty of places to buy some Halloween Time swag or souvenirs...

    inside a store

    21. ...including a few new fun necklaces, lanyards, and bubble wands for the season.

    display of necklaces

    22. And I had to stop and giggle at the Sanderson Sisters' stuffies in the cauldron — as a '90s kid who grew up on Hocus Pocus, my day was totally made!

    a cauldron with the three stuffed dolls

    Overall, Disneyland Resort's Halloween Time was a lot of fun. It's not too scary for the little ones, and adults who are big kids at heart, like me — or who love a good Halloween/Disney combo — will enjoy the fall vibes. My only regret is not eating more Halloween snacks, like this Pumpkin Spice Funnel Cake. time...

    Halloween Time runs through October 31st at Disneyland Resort. You can purchase tickets HERE.