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    We Went To A Spa That Watches Your Kids While You Get Pampered And Here's How It Was

    Moms deserve a little relaxation.

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    Hi, we're Asia and Krista, and we're hardworking moms who β€” like many moms β€” rarely get a chance to relax.


    Krista has a 10-year-old son, and Asia has 5-year-old twin daughters.

    So when we heard there was a spa for moms nearby in Studio City, California that offers complimentary childcare while you get pampered, we were like:

    Universal Pictures

    Spa Le La is a full-service spa with a playroom for your kids which offers onsite nannies and a variety of classes for kids aged 0-10 years.

    Spa Le La

    Childcare for one kid is free, the second is $6. Kids' classes are complimentary with adult treatments, but there are also standalone Mommy n' Me and kids' classes like "Baby Picasso" that are $6 per class.

    So of course we brought our kiddos along to see what the experience was all about.


    My other twin daughter was feeling a little photo-averse, but I swear she exists!

    Upon arrival and check-in at Spa Le La, you are offered your choice of complimentary beverage, including fresh-brewed teas.


    We got the white ginger pear tea, and TBH, it smelled like warm heaven.

    Or if you're feeling a little more festive, you can have a glass of wine or champagne.


    You can take your drinks with you into your services, too!

    Then, after checking your kids in, you escort them to the playroom.


    You might want to plan a little extra time for your kiddo to warm up to the staff before you leave. And don't worry β€” you and your child are given matching wristbands so that no one leaves the spa with the wrong kid.

    Oh, and the spa and playroom have a set up for infants and young toddlers, too.


    Before you head to your scheduled treatments, you are given a pager in case of an emergency...or a kiddo who has to go potty, because mom life.


    But you also have the option of allowing spa staff to escort your child to the restroom if you don't want your treatments to be interrupted and are comfortable with it.

    But other than that, you're in the clear because the treatment rooms at Spa Le La are totally and completely SOUNDPROOF!


    We tested this by having our kids sing Kidz Bop songs at the top of their lungs while we were behind the separating door, and we can report that we heard nothing.

    The facilities at Spa Le La include a sauna...

    Spa Le La

    A bath room...

    Spa Le La

    A shared quiet room...

    Spa Le La

    And a nap room.

    Spa Le La

    Asia chose to have the signature massage β€” which costs $95 for 50 minutes β€” and left it feeling wonderfully calm.


    Asia: My massage was pretty solid β€” it definitely helped me wind down. Even though the first few minutes my eyes were on that pager, eventually I let go and let myself enjoy the experience. It was cool to know that my kids were close-by, safe and having tons of fun, but I didn't have to actually hear all the fun.

    Krista chose a signature facial β€” which costs $150 for 50 minutes β€” and came out looking and feeling totally refreshed.

    Krista: The facial was thorough and relaxing, and though I loved the products they used, the staff didn't try to push purchasing them onto me. Instead, they gave me some great advice on the types of products best for my skin. And it was great that my son absolutely loved the experience, too. I was hesitant to bring him since he's older and I thought he'd get bored, but he had a blast! So, it was a win-win for me!

    And of course we were so enticed by the thought of an uninterrupted nap in the nap room that we just had to pop in for a little catnap before we were done.


    After the nap, it was time to pick up the kids from the playroom β€” and it turned out they hadn't really missed us all that much.


    Overall thoughts:


    Asia: This was a pretty unique, solid experience, and since the kids had more fun than I expected, I didn't feel much mommy guilt at all. The massage holds up well to others I've had, it's great that there are activities available for the kids (but might get pricey if you have more than one like I do!). I especially liked the overall calming vibe there, ie: soundproof rooms. It would be a fun mom-friends outing, for sure.

    Krista: I've literally never been to or heard of anything like this experience and, TBH, I didn't know what to expect. Usually when I get "pampered" (which is literally only when I'm in a wedding haha) I have to plan for my son to be watched for the day. This was very neat because I just got to bring him along, and still feel like he wasn't there, LOL. I loved the fact that childcare is included. As a parent, budgeting is always priority and I feel like this is something I could continue to do for myself since I'm not making that separate budget for someone to watch my kid.

    So if you're in the Los Angeles area and you need a little guilt-free mommy R&R, check it out. Oh, and dads β€” you're totally welcome, too!


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