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We Tried The New Weight Watchers Diet Wine And Here's What We Thought

Booze without the guilt? Cheers to that!

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Hi, we're Asia and Krista, and we're totally here for all things wine, so when we heard about Weight Watchers' new 85 calorie diet wine, we were excited – less calories means we can drink more, right?


The new Weight Watchers Cense wine is a Sauvignon Blanc and is 85 calories per five ounce glass. The average five-ounce glass of white wine is 120 calories, so this will save you roughly 35 calories.


And here's what we thought:


Krista's thoughts: So this wine has a very sweet taste, kind of like a moscato if you are into that (lots of citrus notes). It also was so sweet it seemed to make my mouth water after each drink. It wasn't bad, though! I give it 7.5/10 stars.

Asia's thoughts: I thought it was just okay, honestly. At first it tasted like a pretty solid low-priced white wine, but the more we sipped, the more I noticed a bit of an aftertaste that I didn't love. I rate this 6/10 stars.

The overall consensus was that everyone thought it was very sweet, and decent tasting – but not their favorite wine.


Basically, if you are really watching your calories – and really into sweet white wine – this wine will probably be good for you.

If you're on Weight Watchers, a five-ounce glass is three points. They haven't released a red yet, but they might be launching a rosé soon.

You can order a bottle of the Cense Sauvignon Blanc HERE.


Cense Wine is only available online and at select Kroger stores. An earlier draft of this article said that you can purchase it at Target and Trader Joe's as well.