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    17 Teachers Who Didn't Realize These Were Fails Until Too Late

    They don't know whether to laugh, cry, or both.

    1. This teacher, who failed hilariously at snacking while wearing her face shield:

    2. This teacher, who spilled her coffee all over the assignments she was grading:

    3. This teacher, who made a hilariously awkward labeling mistake:

    4. This teacher, who didn't notice that the letter and word of the week sent a hysterically rude message all week:

    5. This teacher, who tried refilling the bean bag chair, and this happened:

    6. This teacher, whose secret message game took an awkward turn while it was being filled in:

    7. These teachers, who managed to overflow the dishwasher:

    8. This teacher, who accidentally posted the wrong link during virtual learning:

    9. This teacher, who didn't notice her boob pad was peeking out until it was too late:

    10. And this teacher, whose bra strap just straight-up fell off in the classroom:

    11. This teacher, whose "brown bear" art project turned out, well, a little different than expected:

    12. This teacher, who locked herself out of her classroom and had to go to extreme measures to get back in:

    13. This teacher, who will never abbreviate "analysis" like this again:

    14. And this teacher, whose student pointed out his unfortunate sweater placement:

    15. This teacher, whose phone betrayed her when she sent her kindergarten students' families these cheerful holiday wishes:

    16. This teacher, who didn't consider what her Lilo and Stitch sweatshirt would look like when she recorded a remote learning video for her class:

    17. And this poor, poor teacher, whose day took a hilariously unfair turn she β€” and her students β€” will be talking about for a while:

    What about you? Are you a teacher who's had an embarrassing classroom β€” or virtual β€” fail? Tell us about it β€” or show us! β€” in the comments section, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!

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