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Show Us The Halloween Costume You Wore That Literally No One Understood

They just didn't get your genius.

Everyone knows your Halloween costume is the best way to show off your totally unmatched creativity.

But sometimes, despite your best and most brilliant intentions, nobody freakin' gets it.

So we want to know about a time you wore a Halloween costume that no one understood.

Maybe your "NBA coaches challenge light" costume left people scratching their heads:

Or perhaps you and a friend dressed up as "Google Maps," and people were just like, "Huh?"

Maybe you dressed up as an iconic TV character in an iconic TV moment, but people still didn't put two and two together:

Or maybe you (and your bump!) were "assault with a deadly weapon," but no one got the pun:

Whatever costume you wore that literally no one understood, we want to see it! Upload a photo in the comments below (and tell us what you were dressed up as!), and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!

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