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    25 Wives Whose Texts Should Be Printed, Framed, And Laughed At For A Really Long Time

    "Do you think a lightning bug ever sees its own butt glow?"

    1. This wife, who knows how to show concern for her spouse's well-being:

    2. This wife, who tried to get one over on her spouse:

    3. This wife, whose text caused her spouse to, er, raise his eyebrows:

    4. This wife, who is very tapped into her feelings:

    5. This wife, who knows how to give her husband a compliment:

    6. This wife, who is her spouse's biggest cheerleader:

    7. This wife, who asks the thought-provoking questions:

    8. And this wife, whose questions are a little more philosophical:

    9. This wife, who tried to put a dad joke past her spouse:

    10. This wife, whose confidence knows no bounds:

    11. This wife, who gets straight to the point:

    12. These wives, who have each other's backs, always:

    13. This wife, who got a little text-tied:

    14. This wife, who masters the art of making puns:

    15. This wife, who keeps her husband updated on the important things:

    jordanbaumgarten / Via

    16. This wife, who makes a fair point:

    17. This wife, whose sarcastic response is no help at all:

    18. This wife, who is clearly thinking about food:

    alzeidenfeld / Via

    19. This wife, who has a serious thing for geography:

    jpmambs / Via

    20. This wife, who knows where her husband's mind goes:

    vespa_jade / Via

    21. This wife, who is the queen of savage burns:

    john_j_hernandez / Via

    22. This wife, who might not be the best at sexting:

    laborgal02 / Via

    23. This wife, who has wit enough for all of us:

    jwidradio / Via

    24. This wife, who knows just how to communicate her frustrations:

    vpsteezy / Via

    25. And finally, this wife, who is the reality check her spouse really needs:

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