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17 People Share The Weirdest Things They've Seen At Someone Else's House, And I'm Honestly Speechless

"One of my exes collected her fingernail and toenail clippings in little glass bottles, and displayed them over her bed."

Have you ever gone to someone else's house and seen something that made you go, "Seriously, WTF?!"

Well, Reddit user User_Not_Found_78457 asked people to share the most WTF thing they saw at someone's house that they thought was normal, and you seriously won't know how to respond:

1. "I was doing part-time nursing and one of the cases I attended was a large house in the middle of nowhere for an elderly man. When I was let inside the house, I saw the old man lying in a box which was disguised as a bed. I was told it was because the family knew he was on his last legs, so the box was his 'pre-coffin' for the undertaker to take to the funeral parlor."

2. "I went to someone's house who had half a mannequin on her kitchen table — just the head and torso all dressed up, but no arms and legs."

"She also had a male blowup doll that she put clothes on and buckled in her car's passenger seat just in case someone wanted to car jack her. We called him 'Dan-Dan the Rubber Man.' She even had to bring him inside her workplace so he wouldn't melt in the car!"


3. "One of my exes collected her fingernail and toenail clippings in little glass bottles, and displayed them over her bed."

4. "I was using a friend's bathroom, and I ran out of toilet paper. When I looked for a new roll under the sink, I was horrified to see a paper grocery bag of used tampons just left there. It had to have been YEARS worth! I had no words."


5. "Someone I knew had a room in which they would just let their dog crap on the floor. It didn't look like it was cleaned often."


6. "When I was about 13, I babysat for a family who had a stack of Hustler and Penthouse magazines in each bathroom, just laying open on the backs of the toilets. The kids said, 'Oh, those are Dad's magazines,' like it was no big thing. Then they said, 'Mom keeps the grownup toys in her room. They're funny — want to see?'"

7. "My friend's house featured a life-sized cutout of his sister, who was away at college. They moved it to a different place each time I came over."


8. "My great-aunt has had these toddler-sized old lady dolls that her late sister made scattered around her house for as long as I can remember. They are ultra-detailed with human hair wigs, and she sets them up in chairs all around the house. One of them she calls by her sister's name is always sitting up in a rocking chair in the living room. The more horror movies I watch, the creepier they become."


9. "My friend had a mental breakdown once and punched a hole in their living room wall. Their mother framed it."

10. "One of my high school friends had all the usual family vacation pictures in her hallway, but there was one of his dad on a pier holding a fishing pole. On closer inspection, I noticed that hanging at the end of the pole like a large fish he had just caught was MY FRIEND'S MOTHER! She was fully nude and hanging upside down. My friend refused to talk about the picture."


11. "I saw a 5-foot dildo in my mom's friend's living room. It wasn't hidden at all."

12. "My friend's family has a shrine for her grandmother in their house. When I first saw it, I thought, 'Oh, she's probably passed away and this is their way of commemorating her.' But I asked my friend about it later, and it turns out her grandmother is very much alive and healthy! She explained that she thinks her family is a cult and her grandma is the leader."

"Every time I go to her house, I freak out just a tiny bit."


13. "I was at someone's house whose living room had eight sofas in it. The room wasn't that big, and there was no other furniture. It was like a maze!"

14. "I had dinner at my friend's house, and they served 'medium-rare' chicken, saying that the blood made it delicious. I tried to politely ask if I could microwave it a little longer, and they were offended. Then they lectured me on how people had to eat PEOPLE during World War II in Romania, and how lucky I was to have medium-rare chicken."


15. "My friends and I went to an open house in which there were framed photos of the owner with Richard Simmons in every single room, including the bathroom! Supposedly, the homeowner had lost a lot of weight 30 years ago, and was forever grateful. But Richard's eyes seemed to follow you everywhere you went in the house!"

16. "My uncle is a 50-year-old retired millionaire who has a beautiful house filled with over 700 devils — plush devils, plastic devils, glass devils, big devils, small devils, you name it, he has it."


17. "A friend's mother has a human skull in her living room with a dollar bill stuffed between its teeth. Apparently she knew the guy."

Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.