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    14 Parents Who Trolled Their Kids So Hard, They Almost Disappeared

    They didn't have to do their kids like this.

    1. This mom, who tricked her son by stuffing veggies in his Pringles container for lunch:

    2. This mom, who pranked her kid into believing they'd have to repeat a grade because of the pandemic:

    u/GamingWolf50 / Via

    3. This mom, who pranked her kids by making them spaghetti 'carbanana' for lunch:

    4. These parents, who wrote their son a check for his birthday...from his own account:

    not_aldo_shoes / Via Instagram: @not_aldo_shoes

    5. This mom, who decided to recite Disney song lyrics at the exact wrong time:

    6. This mom, who knows her daughter hates when her sandwich isn't cut perfectly in half, so she trolled her by cutting it like this:

    u/Max_Xevious / Via

    7. This mom, who had the perfect response to her kid's pestering:

    8. And this dad, who keeps it way too real with his roasting:

    9. This mom, whose dinner menu gave her kids only two options:

    10. This mom, who sent her kid this hilariously trollish text:

    11. This dad, who set up this "Elf on the Shelf sacrifice" scene for his kids to find:

    12. This mom, who pokes fun at her kids' mistakes:

    13. This parent, who found a hilarious way to disappoint their kids in the morning:

    u/hoosiername / Via

    14. And this mom, who checked in on her daughter in the most savage way possible:

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