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17 Moms Whose Sense Of Humor Is Clever, Savage And Totally Mom AF

"I don't always panic...but when I do, it's at the disco."

1. This mom, who couldn't resist a little produce humor:

orbit anna / Via Twitter: @ncteaser

2. This mom, who was hilariously honest about the source of her kid's Christmas gift:

3. This mom, who took her daughter's beauty question and raised her a WTF?

msatomicbex / Via

4. This mom, who will take your favorite band and ruin their name for you:

freckleslong / Via

5. This mom, who got hilariously real about the "division of assets:"

@3sunzzz / Via

6. And this mom, who knows that to every thing there is a season:

7. This mom, who went all the way with her pun:

auldron / Via

8. This mom, who hit us with a little international humor:

Jess Brohard / Via Twitter: @JessBrohard

9. This mom, who likened herself to a fast food meal:

simplyxlilliana / Via

10. This mom, who couldn't help but ask:

somesortofgeekfreak / Via

11. This mom, who was so proud of her joke she mic-dropped:

brittobold / Via

12. This mom, whose daughter just doesn't appreciate her genius:

Claudette Kulkarni / Via Twitter: @TweetTiger

13. And this mom, whose kid probably talks a lot.

Lauren Fleshman / Via Twitter: @laurenfleshman

14. This mom, whose contingency plan was even funny:

Richard Dean / Via Twitter: @dad_on_my_feet

15. This mom, who came with the Disney humor:

alsibobalsi / Via

16. This mom, who had an important warning for her kid:

glamazord / Via

17. And this mom, whose joke went so far that even her daughter's bitmoji was taken aback:

trealhonesty / Via

Mom jokes > dad jokes.


If you want to see more totally funny moms, check out this video:

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