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    14 Moms Who Roasted Their Kids Within An Inch Of Their Lives

    "Me: I'm just having a blonde moment. My mom: Your whole life has been a blonde moment."

    1. This mom, who is like a really savage mirror:

    2. This mom, who has jokes about your dating life:

    3. This mom, who totally believes in you:

    4. This mom, who appreciates you for who you are:

    5. This mom, who knows when to celebrate:

    6. And this mom, who holds no punches:

    7. This mom, who tells it like it is:

    8. This mom, who will turn your wit against you:

    9. This mom, who chimes in when necessary:

    10. And this mom, who is queen of the one-liners:

    11. This mom, who's not calling you ugly, but:

    12. This mom, who has doubts:

    13. This mom, who knows exactly when her problems began:

    14. And this mom, who can hit you with a burn so millennial it hurts your entire generation: