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    18 Hilariously Smartass Kids Who Are Definitely Not Their Parents' Favorite

    They're definitely not the favorite.

    1. This kid, whose mom asked them to "draw" her a bath:

    2. This kid, who saved the last piece of pizza for their parent:

    3. This kid, whose mom asked them to "hang up" the phone:

    4. This kid, who put his toy dinosaur in front of the baby monitor to scare his parents:

    5. This kid, who got clever with her Mother's Day card:

    6. This kid, who asked for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, then ate exactly this much of it:

    7. This kid, who got sarcastic about their dad's dad joke:

    8. This kid, who changed their parents' name on Google Assistant:

    9. And this kid, who drew his dad the way no parent wants to be drawn:

    10. This adult kid, whose dad Steve shares a birthday with their son Gage, so they made them these hilariously different cakes:

    11. This kid, who pranked the heck out of his mom:

    12. These kids, who thought a "Chris Pine" was what their family tree really needed:

    13. This kid, who added to her parents' grocery list:

    14. This kid, who ate the last of the cookies, and then relabeled the jar:

    15. This kid, who thought it would be hilarious to adjust the cream of tartar to read "cream of fartar":

    16. This kid, who added googly eyes to her parents' potatoes:

    17. This kid, who submitted this photo of his dad for his classroom wall:

    18. And this kid, whose drawing depicted their parents very, very differently:

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