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    21 People Share The Most Insulting Thing Their Boss Ever Said To Them And You Will Be Stunned

    "You're great at your job, but you're not pretty enough to think that should get you anywhere."

    Let's face it β€” if you've ever had a job, you've probably had a bad boss at some point.


    Or hey, maybe you've been lucky!

    Well, a viral Reddit thread asked people to share the most insulting thing a boss has ever said to them, and you'll gasp and say, "I know you're kidding me!"


    1. "I was working as a bakery manager for a gas station, and my shift started at 4:30 a.m. with me getting the station's breakfast ready. Well, I clocked in one morning five minutes late, and my boss said, 'You know, there are plenty of jobs you can get lying on your back.' I clocked out, went home, and filed a complaint."


    2. "I asked for a raise, and my boss told me I didn't need one because my boyfriend made enough for the two of us."


    3. "My boss was watching me learn a task for the first time, and said, 'If you were any slower, you'd be going back in time.'"


    4. "When I was 16 years old, I worked at a fast-food restaurant. One day, I was on my knees trying to fix something when my manager walked in to give the new staff members a tour and said, 'A typical woman β€” always on her knees.'"

    "I was a shy kid, and I never said anything to anyone about it as to not cause any trouble, but after I quit that job, I heard that he got suspended for inappropriate comments to other women. I wish so much that I had the confidence back then to report him!"


    5. "A boss once asked me if my partner and I had had sex the night before, and what our most frequent sex positions were."


    6. "I had requested paperwork to file a sexual harassment complaint against a coworker. When I told the restaurant owner who the complaint was against, he laughed and waved me off, saying that this person β€” who had begun following me to the restroom and my car β€” was 'harmless.'"


    7. "My boss once put a crumpled piece of paper in the pocket of my uniform vest and said that he wanted me to throw it away for him. He wasn't joking."


    8. "'You are great at your job, but you are not pretty enough to think that should get you anywhere.'"


    9. "My 15-year-old daughter had been suicidal, so I brought her to work one day so I could take her to her counseling appointment that afternoon. This was the first time I had brought her, and she mostly just hung out in my car with her phone and laptop. But the next day, my boss said, 'You can't bring your daughter to work anymore. Heaven forbid she do 'anything' while she's here β€” we'd be liable for that.' I found a new job soon thereafter."

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    10. "My old boss told me that I would make an amazing secretary for my looks alone. I'm a systems analyst."


    11. "'If I had known you had tattoos, I probably wouldn't have hired you.'"


    12. "My coworker's grandmother had just passed away after a long illness, but she still came back to work after the funeral to do the evening shift. And her manager told her, 'This is customer service, darling. For god's sake, put a smile on, yeah?'"



    13. "My boss said that my personality was like a dishtowel."


    14. "That women aren't allowed on the company trip because 'there's alcohol involved, and we want to keep them safe.'"


    15. "You have no idea how replaceable you are."



    16. "My boss had called me in to work on my day off, and when I politely told her I was busy, she demanded to know what I was planning to do all day because it was semester break and she knew I didn't have classes. I quit not long after that."


    17. "I was told that a project I was managing was being given to a male colleague because it was more of a 'man's project.'"


    18. "My boss accused me of having an affair with another married coworker, then said, 'Or if you haven't yet, you will.'"



    19. "I requested to use my lunch break to go breastfeed my newborn at her daycare, and my boss responded, 'I don't understand why you breastfeed anyway. Seriously, is it that much better than formula? My kids all had formula, and they're fine!'"


    20. "'If you ever go to HR, you're dead to me.'"


    21. "My female coworker and I were prepping for the lunch shift at a restaurant when the male general manager walked over and said, 'You know, I had a dream about you two last night.' Then he paused and said, 'No, I probably shouldn't tell you about it,' smiled to himself, and walked away. We were so appalled and disgusted that we just stood there, stunned."


    Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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