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    17 Kids Who Are So Clever, They Might Just Get In Trouble For It

    They are so clever, it should be a crime.

    1. This kid, who discovered a way to keep their tablet from falling forward:

    2. This kid, who used their mom's maxi pad to keep their crayons from rolling away:

    3. This kid, who mastered the art of minimal effort for maximum gain:

    4. This kid, whose parent said they didn't want to hear him bouncing on the trampoline, so he came up with a clever solution:

    5. This kid, who discovered a pretty genius way to watch her tablet hands-free in bed:

    @happilyblended2014 / Via

    6. And this kid, who figured out a genius shortcut to drawing the best animals ever:

    Superb-Emergency / Via

    7. This kid, who found a way to make snacking on Cheetos a little easier:

    8. This kid, who kept losing their Barbie doll clothes, so they improvised with some foil:

    @foxpointlibrary / Via

    9. This kid, who knew how to get around a tough question:

    technicallythetruth / Via

    10. This kid, whose parent told them their Elf on the Shelf was "watching," so they did this:

    11. This kid, who figured out the most genius way to sell their bike:

    fotofungus / Via

    12. This kid, who used his Legos to make a phone stand:

    13. And this kid, whose parents said he couldn't have a phone, so he made his own fake one...with a PopSocket included:

    @multijenmultigem / Via, @multijenmultigem

    14. This kid, who left her parents a Scrabble request to get their attention:

    15. This kid, who used a toy ring container to make their mom a mini saltshaker:

    16. This kid, who has a deep, deep understanding of the circle of life:

    annebaer13 / Via

    17. And this kid, who is so resourceful, she may just be your boss one day:

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