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    10 Totally Easy Ways To Raise A Kick-Ass Feminist Child

    "Boys will be boys" just doesn't cut it.

    1. Let your kid play with whatever toy they want to — if it's a Barbie for your son? Great! A Ninja Turtle for your daughter? Radical, dude!

    2. Teach your kids that it's 100% OK for boys to express their emotions — and if that means having a good cry, that's totally fine!

    3. Teach your kid that they are the boss of their body, and that goes for hugs — or any other type of physical contact — from relatives, classmates, and obviously strangers.

    4. Encourage your kid to have male, female, and non-binary role models — make sure they know that role models come in all shapes, sizes, skin tones, and genders!

    5. Support your child's friendships with the opposite sex. Boys and girls can — and should! — have platonic relationships.

    6. Teach them that doing something "like a girl" is actually a compliment because girls are a-maz-ing!

    7. Show them at home how important it is for everyone to share household and family responsibilities, including Dad!

    8. It's great to compliment your kid when they look especially cute, but make sure you mention their non-physical qualities just as often, if not more frequently.

    9. Know that raising a child with a positive body image means you have to be mindful of being critical of your own body image too, as well as that of others.

    10. And please, please teach your sons that just because they are boys doesn't mean they can get away with inappropriate actions, behavior, or remarks — make sure they know that respect is something both girls and boys will be expected to show everyone.

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