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The New Cast Of The Mickey Mouse Club Is Awesomely Millennial And I Can't Even Handle It

Who will be the next Justin, Britney, and Christina?

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So Disney has once again made our dreams come true and rebooted the Mickey Mouse Club, this time in millennial form as Club Mickey Mouse, because we're getting crazy with name changes in 2017, you guys.


Well, this morning Disney introduced their new class of Mouseketeers to the public, and it looks like they have just as much star-power as the last crop.

Disney Digital Network

They are: Top – Sean, Regan, Brianna, Ky. Middle – Jenna, Leanne. Bottom – Will, Gabe.


Well, good luck, kids of Club Mickey Mouse. You've got some huge shoes to fill, but we believe in you. And we'll totally be rooting for you in the comments section because, 2017.