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People Are Sharing The Things They Learned Embarrassingly Late, And We Need A New Word For Embarrassing

"It was a long time before I learned that Houston is not the name of the guy the astronauts talk to."

Everyone has an embarrassing thing they didn't learn until really, really late in life.

OK so I've just found out that green peppers turn yellow then orange then red and they're actually all the same pepper just less ripe and my mind is blown

Well, Reddit user LightningCole asked people to share the things they learned embarrassingly late, and these are so good, y'all:

1. "I was 20 when I learned that white meat and dark meat come from the same chicken."

2. "That women don’t give birth out of their rectums."


3. "That guys don't have to squeeze their dicks to get their pee to come out."


4. "When I was 13, I thought an orgasm and an organism were the same thing, and gave an entire speech to my class at my new school about how I wanted to be a marine biologist and work with marine orgasms. Everyone was laughing and I didn't know why."

5. "That Houston is not the name of the guy astronauts talk to."


6. "I was a sophomore in high school when I learned that West Virginia is a state. I always assumed it worked like 'Southern California' or 'Northern California.'"


7. "That I was, in fact, not missing a testicle. I thought there were supposed to be three of them until I was about 14 years old."

8. "That limes weren’t unripe lemons."


9. "I thought guerilla warfare meant humans in a war against gorillas."


10. "It was a long time before I learned that Martha's Vineyard isn't just some land rich people go to that's owned by Martha Stewart."

11. "That you don't pronounce the 'A' in cocoa."


12. "I thought buffalos were birds, and that buffalo wings were from said birds."


13. "That 'several' does not in fact mean seven."

14. "For the longest time, I didn't know what it meant to have your car tires rotated."


"There was a joke on That '70s Show in which Red asked Eric if he rotated the tires, and Eric responded, 'Don't they rotate every time I drive?' I legit did not understand why that wasn't a reasonable answer." —Patorama

15. "I didn’t know that women could get pregnant without having an orgasm. I learned that this year. At age 26."


16. "That rottweilers are not just fat Dobermans."

17. "That a woman's vagina and pee hole are separate things."


"I'm a girl, and I only learned this when I was like 13. I was amazed I didn't have to take out a tampon every time I needed to pee." —ClaudiaFrancesMayer

18. "I was 21 when I learned that truffles are a mushroom as well as a chocolate. When people talked about sending pigs into the forest to hunt for truffles, I thought they'd buried chocolates in there to teach pigs how to dig up food."

19. "That Washington, DC, isn't in the state of Washington."


20. "That the ribs my siblings and I ate as kids were not from velociraptors. My mom and dad had always called them 'velociraptor ribs,' and our dad was so big and awesome that it made sense he would often go out and kill dinosaurs for us to eat."


21. "I thought salt was for girls and pepper was for boys until I was at least 10 or 11."

22. "That ambulances don’t patrol around like police cars."


23. "That IHOP is the International House of Pancakes. I never realized they were the same thing, so until recently, I thought the International House of Pancakes was like a hall-of-fame museum restaurant...for pancakes."


24. "That pickles are pickled cucumbers. Took me over 30 years to figure that one out."


25. "I live in England, but was convinced that I lived in the USA until I was about 15. Growing up I was bombarded with American TV, film, and movies, I spoke English, and I went on holiday to Florida regularly. I didn't know the difference between England and New England, and since I knew I lived in the 'Northeast,' I fully thought I lived between Washington, DC, and New York. It didn't click until I went to New York and it took an eight-hour airplane ride instead of an hour drive."

Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.