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14 Hilarious Texts That Prove Christmas Texting Is The Best And The Worst

"Merry Christmas. I'm at a strip club."

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1. This text, which is either the saddest or happiest text ever sent:

leysajane / Via

2. This text, because by the 25th we've all had enough:

3. This text, which is really the affirmation every girl needs on her mirror:

dinaninamartinez / Via

4. And this one, because if Jim Carrey could do it...

5. This text, because true friends want to see you happy:

sarah_ton1n / Via

6. This text, which is so wrong it's...still wrong:

yesison / Via

7. This text, because no one escapes their star sign:

Brooklynn / Via Twitter: @b__babyyy

8. And this text, because it's not the holidays without an annoying pun:

sophiatrettenero1 / Via

9. This text from a parent who knows how to roll with autocorrect:

embercat / Via

10. This text, which is equal parts annoying and amazing:

danielletomtom / Via

11. This text which is a bit lacking in holiday cheer:

dzownage / Via

12. And this one, which isn't:

elijahdavid613 / Via

13. This text between friends who just couldn't resist:

14. And finally, perhaps the best Christmas text that should never have been written:

ohwhoawillow / Via

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