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We Wanna Know What Non-Parents Wish They Could Tell Their Friends Who Are Parents

Here's your chance to get it off your chest.

A while back we asked parents to tell us what they want their friends who don't have kids to know, and the responses were totally honest and real:

But then it occurred to us that people who don't have kids might have a few things they want their parent friends to know, too.

So now we want to know what you — people who don't have kids — want your friends who do have kids to know.

Maybe it's that your friends having kids has brought some unexpected changes to your social life too:

Or perhaps it's that even though you understand when we have to cancel plans at the last minute, it's still frustrating:

Maybe it's how much it drives you crazy when we can't find anything else to talk — or post on social media — about other than our kids:

Or that you really miss the "old" us, when we were more carefree and way less tired:

Or maybe it's that having friends with kids comes with some amazing perks you weren't expecting:

Whatever you want your friends who have kids to know, we want to hear it! Tell us in the Dropbox below, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post!