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21 People Whose Parents Met In Some Pretty Damn Unusual Ways

And the rest, as they say, is history...

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the interesting way their parents met and the responses prove that love is nothing if not a matter of fate:

1. "My dad was a popular high school athlete and my mom was a nerd, so they'd never met until one day my dad accidentally hit my mom with his car. He felt so bad that he pledged to visit her in the hospital every afternoon until she got better. They've been together ever since."

2. "My dad's identical twin came to my mom's job to visit her coworker, who he was dating. After he left, my mom asked jokingly, 'Hey, he doesn't have a twin, does he?'"

3. "My mom is from Japan and my dad is from Hong Kong, and they were both traveling through the Silk Road at the same time. My dad accidentally dropped and lost his original train ticket, so he had to buy a ticket for the next train instead. And his assigned seat was right next to my mom's."

4. "My mom and her sister worked at a 7-Eleven, and to pass the time, they would rate the butts of customers. My dad got a '10.'"

5. "My mom and her best friend sent Christmas cards to soldiers overseas. My dad was the only one who responded."

6. "My mom met my stepdad when they bumped into each other while out walking their dogs. She was on her usual route, but he'd never taken that path before. But for some strange reason, his dog pulled him in that direction that day..."

7. "My mom was on a date with a guy, and he got really drunk. When he went to use the bathroom, he sidled up next to my dad at the urinal. Next thing my mom knew, her drunk date ran out of the bathroom, dragging my dad behind him and yelling to her, 'YOU GOTTA HEAR THIS GUY PEE!'"

8. "My dad was a foreign exchange student who fell in love with the daughter of his host family...from her picture."

9. "My mom and dad were both working in a department store β€” my mom worked at the counter, while my dad cleaned the windows. They met one day when he was watching her so intently that he accidentally sprayed a customer in the face with glass cleaner."

10. "My dad's car broke down and he had to hitchhike. My mom picked him up."

11. "My parents worked at the same place, and my mom had heard about my dad's reputation there β€” that he would flirt with 'anything in a skirt.' So she called him into her office one day to chastise him for sleeping with so many staff members and making the office environment uncomfortable. But my dad was so smooth that he didn't get written up...he got a date."

12. "My parents met at a town snowball fight, when he broke her nose with an ice ball."

13. "My parents were paired up to dissect a cadaver in med school. They literally met over a dead body."

14. "My mom was walking home from a college party, and she saw my dad drunkenly swimming in the school fountain. He swam up to her and told her she was pretty."

15. "My mom was walking in Jakarta when a speeding bus threw its conductor off, and he landed right on the sidewalk in front of her. The bus left him there, bruised and blistered, so my mom called an ambulance and stayed with him in the hospital until he was released. And the first thing he did after his release was ask her on a date."

16. "My dad called the wrong number β€” my mom's. But when she tried to hang up, he kept on talking..."

17. "My mom was a ballerina who worked at a hotel during her off season to make extra cash. She met my dad when there was a bomb scare at her hotel. My dad was one of the police officers who came to check it out."

18. "My mom was a bridesmaid in her cousin's wedding, and my dad was the best man. Well, he kept hitting on another bridesmaid who wasn't interested. So my mom went up to him and said, 'Look, she's not interested, but I'm a real catch.'"

19. "My parents actually met in a graveyard. They had both taken a shortcut through it on their way home at night. They ended up talking until the early morning."

20. "My mom and dad met when a mutual friend's cat had kittens. They both arrived at the same time to adopt one."

21. "My dad was a cop, and my mom worked at a donut shop. Boom."

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Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.