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    Posted on Jun 18, 2017

    17 Struggles You'll Only Understand If You're A Starbucks Mom

    Just embrace it already.

    1. You walk into Starbucks in the morning and the baristas are like...

    Hey girl! You got my triple shot grande skinny half-soy four pump vanilla latte ready?

    2. You've brought the kids with you so many times that the baristas know your real name.

    housewivesofabudhabi / Via

    3. And you totally have your priorities straight, duh.

    wonderfulworldofmommy / Via

    Hey, the struggle is real.

    4. You announced your pregnancy like this.

    brookerbs / Via

    Or seriously considered having another baby just so you could.

    5. Your baby has a onesie like this one.

    babybexleyboutique / Via

    Omg, so cute.

    6. And picking your Mommy and me Halloween costumes is easy AF.

    7. You have taken full-on glamour shots of your Starbucks drink in front of picturesque backgrounds.

    maryannchovy / Via

    Way to milk that Mommy break, girl.

    8. You're not quite yourself until that first shot of espresso in the morning and everybody knows it.

    The Weinstein Company

    9. When the unicorn frappuccino was released, you and your kid were the first ones in line.

    nicholebeaudry / Via

    And you were all pumped AF.

    10. And you know exactly what your kiddo needs to make it through a rough day.

    baby_moo_2005 / Via

    You Supermom, you.

    11. You wouldn't dream of doing a Target run without stopping at the front for a latte.

    caleh_fit / Via

    I mean, is there a more iconic pairing?

    12. And you will pair your frappuccino with just about anything.

    jae884 / Via

    Totally not judging, btw.

    13. Holding a Starbucks drink is your preferred method of showing off your manicure.

    iamthemosthappy / Via

    14. Or your engagement ring.

    vigselringar / Via

    15. You totally lost your shit when they brought Starbucks to Disneyland.

    Dreams come true at the Happiest Place on Earth, guys.

    16. And this is how you look at people who say that they like that other coffee shop better.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    Starbucks is king any damn day.

    17. Because deep down, you know that your love affair with Starbucks is one that will last a lifetime.

    caleh_fit / Via

    Dear Starbucks, never leave me.

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