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    17 Husbands Whose Hacks Made Their Spouses Go "I Married A Genius"

    They deserve an A+ in improvisation.

    1. This husband, who discovered that an egg carton would make a great nail polish holder for his wife:

    2. This husband, who ran out of ice, so he used an ice pack to keep his drink cold:

    3. This husband, who wore swim goggles to protect his eyes while chopping onions:

    4. This husband, who discovered that a car oil funnel makes perfect pour-over coffee:

    5. This husband, who made his wife — who pulled a muscle — an extra long bendy straw so she wouldn't have to move:

    6. This husband, who used an egg carton as a makeshift ice cream cone holder:

    7. And this husband, who used his power tool as a makeshift egg beater:

    8. This husband, who softened butter over a pot of boiling mac and cheese:

    9. This husband, who didn't have a corkscrew, so he used a screwdriver and a screw to open a bottle of wine:

    10. This husband, who saran wrapped the fully decorated artificial tree so he could just unwrap it next Christmas and be ready to go:

    11. This husband, who DIY'd a candle out of an orange peel and some olive oil:

    12. This husband, who discovered that crumpets work perfectly if you don't have hamburger buns:

    13. This husband, who made his dieting wife this veggie bouquet for Valentine's Day instead of chocolates:

    14. This husband, who used a Lego set to make an adorable phone charger holder:

    15. This husband, who used the toaster to reheat leftover pancakes to keep them from getting mushy:

    16. This husband, who put the leftover spaghetti right back into the sauce jar for easy storage:

    17. And this husband, who used nipple clamps as a chip clip because they work just as well if not better?

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