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    Updated on Sep 11, 2019. Posted on Sep 10, 2019

    18 Grandmas Who Sent Some Hilariously Genius Texts

    When a grandma hits 'send,' it's bound to be hilarious.

    1. This grandma, who's always looking out:

    allison / Via Twitter: @aIIisonwallace

    2. This grandma, who is one with the times:

    soveryamuseing / Via

    3. This grandma, who knows you better than you know yourself:

    textsfrombertha / Via

    4. This grandma, who has the cutest nicknames for her grandchildren:

    5. This grandma, who may have misunderstood:

    @candicelouise / Via Twitter: @Candicelouise

    6. And this grandma, whose birthday wishes come with a history lesson:

    notoriouslyfresh / Via

    7. This grandma, who always has a witty quip on deck:

    eriedianne / Via

    8. This grandma, who won't let you miss a picturesque scene:

    frood / Via

    9. This grandma, who knows how to get your attention:

    morga_noodles / Via

    10. This grandma, who really doesn't like this carpet:

    hdvorak / Via

    11. This grandma, who basically wants your life:

    briemcclellan / Via

    12. And this grandma, who knows that life isn't always fair:

    sarahjill316 / Via

    13. This grandma, who has a cold-blooded request:

    14. This grandma, who's all about the turn-up:

    15. This grandma, who is hilariously cryptic:

    jennalopez / Via

    16. This grandma, who's got dirty jokes:

    jnebringstehlolz / Via

    17. This grandma, who is like a broken record:

    200percentmeg / Via

    18. And this grandma, who will see your sarcasm and raise you the savagery you deserve:

    businesspapaya / Via

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