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    16 Wives We Should Maybe Be A Little Worried About

    "For better or for weird as hell."

    1. This wife, who made her husband some "butt muffins":

    2. This wife, who got her husband this pair of underwear:

    3. This wife, who wanted to use a sword to cut her birthday cake:

    4. This wife, who kept her dead pet tarantula in a Ziploc bag for years:

    5. This wife, who gave her husband these post-vasectomy snacks:

    6. This wife, who ate half the banana, then put it back in the peel:

    7. And this wife, who knows the kind of smiles her husband likes:

    8. This wife, who left a surprise for her husband under the toilet seat:

    9. This wife, who knows what to get excited about:

    10. This wife, who labeled her husband's bodywash in an unusual way:

    11. This wife, who will leave no dish unwashed:

    12. And this wife, who prefers to eat her bread with a fork:

    13. This wife, who tries out the bed linens before buying them:

    14. This wife, who's really, really thirsty:

    15. This wife, who eats her pumpkin pie like this:

    16. And this wife, who celebrates her anniversary with the creepiest analogies ever: