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    16 Boyfriend Fails That Made Me Facepalm, Cringe, And Giggle

    Forgive them, for they know not what they do.

    1. This boyfriend, who "buttered" the toast:

    2. This boyfriend, who was supposed to be watching his girlfriend's veggies on the grill:

    3. This boyfriend, who just wanted to help out:

    I told my boyfriend to put my lashes in a safe place last night and he did this ..

    4. This boyfriend, who opened the protein powder like this:

    5. This boyfriend, who tried to make some pizza rolls:

    6. This boyfriend, who put his toothbrush in the wrong holder:

    7. And this boyfriend, who tried to make chocolate chip cookies:

    8. This boyfriend, who tried drawing on his girlfriend's eyebrow:

    9. This boyfriend, who forgot to get wrapping paper, so he used whatever he had at work:

    10. This boyfriend, who's an expert in photo editing:

    I told my bf to edit one of my pictures for instagram and he fucking did this

    11. This boyfriend, whose girlfriend asked him for a bowl of ice cream:

    12. And this boyfriend, who's too clever for his own good:

    i asked my boyfriend to bring me an ice cream sandwich, i am exhausted from the disrespect

    13. This boyfriend, who got regular blueberries instead of the organic ones his girlfriend asked for, so he tried to fix it:

    14. This boyfriend, who proves that boyfriend jokes are way cornier than dad jokes:

    15. This boyfriend, who needed clarification on which tampons to buy:

    scottishsuninsta / Via Instagram: @scottishsuninsta

    16. And this boyfriend, who took a sweet moment and made it his own:

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