15 Grandparents Who Are Both Brilliant And Concerning At The Same Time

    They ask permission from literally no one.

    1. This grandma, who takes out her dentures and leaves them lying around:

    2. This grandma, who literally labeled her grandkids to keep their names straight:

    3. This grandma, who brings flowers to her own cemetery plot:

    Apparently my grandma bought herself a cemetery plot and she visits it and decorates her own headstone #shesstillalive #wtfgrandma

    4. This grandma, who prefers to use the doggie door:

    5. This grandpa, who pretends to be using virtual reality when he just doesn't want to talk to anyone:

    6. This grandma, who printed some pictures from Facebook that she liked:

    7. And this grandma, who loves her husband but:

    My grandma has a picture of her first boyfriend on her dresser instead of the guy she married #savage

    8. This grandma, who created her own homemade home security system:

    9. This grandma, who replaced Scarlett O'Hara's face with her own:

    10. This grandpa, who created his own fullscreen:

    11. And this grandma, who will buckle up however she damn well pleases:

    12. This grandma, who forgot her rain boots, so created her own:

    13. This grandma, who uses kitchen tongs to reach things in her cabinet:

    14. This grandma, who uses her walker as a "fort" for her grandkids:

    15. And these grandparents, who tape together dollar bills like Kleenex and gives them to their grandkid as Christmas presents: