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    • ashlynelaineensorp

      AllIcan say to the people who are criticizing this woman is that you clearly do not understand mental illness disorders. Three of the closest people in my life suffered from them, so I’m pretty familiar and you should EDUCATE yourself before you speak on this issue. My father is bipolar and that means he can flip out inasecond and it might not happen for years (does that mean he should rot in prison while he’s not having problems) it’s not in their control and it is something that should be addressed not ignored. My best friend committed suicide at sixteen because asachild/teen there aren’t ways to properly diagnose them and there isn’t much you can do as far as options, she’d already attempted it three times before and that wasn’t enough to do anything, and then what do the doctors do? stick her onamedication that can cause suicidal thoughts in people under 25. It’s just not important enough and until it is, it will continue to happen. It’s not like she didn’t try to help her child, there just isn’t help sometimes. AllIknow is that people need to be educated about mental illness and maybe they wouldn’t judge so harshly because you never know what it’s like til you know someone who suffers. It’s difficult to watch.

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