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Macy's Thanksgiving Parade Balloons Part 2

Part 2 covers the years from 1972 to 1990. What begin in 1920s as a modest parade has by 1972 become huge, gigantic even. When we end this part in 1990, it has become a national tradition, no longer just attended by people in and near the New York area, but televised and watched by millions, as well as smaller parades in other cities.

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Thanksgiving Day Parade (1935)

A quick look back before moving on to 1972.

Part 1 here.

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Macy's Thanksgiving Parade 1941


1963 Elsie The Cow

Missed this one for part 1. / Via

1972 Mickey Mouse v.2

As we go on, I've started to include video as it is more widely available. I've also included some video moments of the parade that may or may not include the balloon previously mentioned.


An effort was made to have the photos match the year the balloon was introduced but in some cases, the photo may be from a later year.

1972 Astronaut Snoopy 2nd Version

A tribute to Apollo 11

Incorrectly labeled as another view of Snoopy Aviator in Part 1.


1975 Weeble

Took forever to find it. Kept missing it. / Via

1977 Kermit the Frog

Kermit reporting about himself as a balloon and naked. / Via

1980 Superman v.3

Largest balloon to appear in the parade. Because of restrictions, may be the biggest balloon ever of all time. / Via

1982 Olive Oyl

First female character to appear in the parade

Olive Oly with Sweetpea!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen / Via!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen

1982 Woody Woodpecker


Date Unknown. Snoopy Aviator with list of good kids. Might have a list of bad kids too.


1983 Yogi Bear

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Yogi Bear Balloon 1985 Macy's Day Parade New York City


1984 Garfield / Via

1984 Raggedy Ann

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A brief pause as we are entertained by Tim Conway and Cabbage Patch Kids. Followed by an appearance of Raggedy Ann. / Via

1985 Betty Boop

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While more balloon pictures load up, here is Wayne, West Virginia High School Marching Band 1985. They are also the escorts for Betty Boop.

1985 Also introduced Ornament Novelty Balloons


1986 Baby Shamu

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A 1986 parade performance by He-Man and She-Ra. Required viewing.

I'm a little surprised there was never a He-Man balloon.

1986 Humpty Dumpty

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Phyllis Diller as "Mother Goose" / Via Flickr: lape

1986 Nestlé Quik Bunny

Photo c. 1994!/image/1565954810.JPG_gen

1987 Spider-Man

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Marvel Comics float to help escort Spider-Man along the way. Wolverines costume is so 80's brown. / Via

1987 Ronald McDonald

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View this video on YouTube

1987 McDonalds All-American High School Band


1987-Skating Snoopy

View this video on YouTube / Via

1987 Ice Cream Cone Novelty Balloon


Date Unknown. Candy Cane, another of Macy's novelty holiday decoration balloons. May be very recent.

1988 Big Bird

1988 Pink Panther / Via

1988 Snoopy v.4 with Woodstock

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Met Life Peanuts Thanksgiving Commercial (1988)


1989 Bugs Bunny

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Bugs Bunny Parade Balloon Inflation Test (1989)


1990 Clifford the Big Red Dog

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A tribute to Jim Henson during the parade, as it was the first such parade after his passing. / Via

1990 Bart Simpson

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Parade moment, Spiderman 1990

Continued with part 3

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