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The 27 Most Relatable Winston Bishop Quotes

Because you know there is only one character worth being on New Girl.

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1. When your roommates don't respect the sacredness that is Saturday morning:

2. When you tell everyone your brilliant life plan:


3. When you know you could be great, if everyone would just give you a shot:

4. When you're watching The Bachelorette on a Monday night with a bottle of wine:

5. When you know your game is air tight:

6. When you're feeling a little bit more vulnerable than usual:

7. Like really vulnerable.


8. When you've watched The Notebook one too many times:

9. When you have to call the cable company again:

10. When you spit mad wisdom, despite the pirate earring you've been sporting:

11. When you're trying to appear like you have any skills at a job interview:


12. When you've given up on online dating:

13. So you keep listening to "Someone Like You":

14. When it's Sunday and you have to watch Game of Thrones:


15. When you own up to peer pressure:

16. When you don't feel like sharing your delicious food:


17. When you get just a little bit carried away:

18. When it's not your fault that you really love bubbles:


19. When you know what's up and you share it with the world:

20. When you use your supreme sense of sarcasm to point out your friend's crazy behavior:


21. When you're out to dinner and tired of talking:

22. When you're hosting a house party and no one will leave:

23. When you go to Vegas with all of your best friends:

24. When you eat one too many brownies:

25. When you're alone in your car and just want to jam:

26. When you try and pretend you're busy so you can have a Netflix marathon at home:

27. When everyone around you is acting a fool and there are literally no words:

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