The 27 Most Relatable Schmidt Quotes

Because you really should be your own character on New Girl already.

1. Whenever you accidentally go to a bar in a college neighborhood.

ID: 1480331

2. When your favorite show goes on hiatus.

ID: 1480343

3. When those terrible Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercials come on TV.

ID: 1480387

4. When you remember to pay your taxes on time.

ID: 1480372

5. When your best friend finally asks you to be in their wedding.

ID: 1480419

6. When you can’t decide what size sandwich to get at Subway.

ID: 1480424

7. When you reflect on your nontypical upbringing.

ID: 1480440

8. Whenever you online shop on a site you can’t afford.

ID: 1480663

9. When someone asks you about your interests and all you can think of is food.

ID: 1480468

10. You, Friday at 5 p.m.

ID: 1480470

11. Whenever you and your best friend get weird together.

ID: 1480496

12. When you think of an awesome catchphrase and can’t wait to try it out.

ID: 1480510

13. Whenever you watch a scary movie too close to bedtime.

ID: 1480519

14. When your sheltered childhood skewed your cultural sensitivity.

ID: 1480532

15. When you found out Pluto was no longer considered a planet.

ID: 1482187

16. When people catch on that you’re not always the most laid back person on earth.

ID: 1480535

17. You, in middle school health class.

ID: 1480541

18. Whenever your celebrity crush is on a new cover of a magazine.

Even if you don’t have a penis.

ID: 1480548

19. Whenever you try to socialize with real live people.

ID: 1480565

20. When you get carried away with bedroom talk:

ID: 1480750

21. You, around your in-laws.

ID: 1480578

22. Whenever you get defensive about your interior decorating.

ID: 1480591

23. When you can’t take sexting seriously.

ID: 1482182

24. Anytime you try to make casual small talk.

ID: 1480608

25. When someone chooses the wrong time to ask how your day was.

ID: 1480593

26. When you get unreasonably excited about spending a night in.

ID: 1480595

27. When you offer up your best nugget of advice.

ID: 1480557

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