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33 Jokes Only "Game Of Thrones" Fans Will Understand

Winter is not going to get here for at least five more books. Warning: SPOILERS ARE COMING.

1. This chart:

2. The difficulties of picking out a Hallmark card.

3. This:

4. The struggles of trying to get a tan at The Wall.

5. What the previews actually should say:

6. The pains of having a crush on a bad boy.

7. This:

8. The struggles of being Jon Snow.

9. The struggles of being a GoT fan in general.

10. How the Khaleesi learned her craft.

11. The real reason Joffrey died.

12. Why Ser Jorah actually left Daenerys.

13. This:

14. Weather problems in Westeros.

15. Arya's busy schedule:

16. This Lorathi style guide.

17. This "mind blowing" joke:

18. This truth:

19. This:

20. This change of heart (and face):

21. The wrath of George R. R. Martin.

22. Hodor.

23. Tywin's parenting techniques.

24. The perfect Petyr Baelish chart.

25. The complicated nature of family trees.

26. And why you should learn to leave well enough alone.

27. The sense of constant surprise for people who haven't read the books.

28. Ser Jorah's THIRST.

29. And the Khaleesi's gentle letdown.

30. Seriously, poor Jorah.

31. A balanced part of a Westerosi breakfast.

32. And this. TOO SOON!

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33. Poor, Ygritte.

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