The Definitive Ranking Of The Creepiest Social Networks

Ranked on a scale from zero to James Franco.

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Presented from least to most creepy.

12. Vine

Creepiest feature: Youths filming themselves for six seconds, obviously.

7. Twitter

Creepiest feature: DM fo sho. Hey, I don't know you well enough to have your phone number but I'm gonna go ahead and hit on you anyway. To make things worse, twitter just added a picture feature to DM. HI DICK PIC.

6. Instagram

Creepiest feature: Instagram Direct, it's pretty much a bad snapchat, and since that shit doesn't go away, it's basically a graveyard of dick pics. Looking at you, James Franco.


Creepiest feature: Literally everything about is creepy. Anonymous or non anonymous questions to someone. Then the ability to share these questions with the world. IDK MAYBE JUST CALL THEM?