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    16 Scarves That Forgot How To Scarf

    Seriously, scarves, you only have one job.

    1. This scarf that has a serious billowing addiction.

    2. This scarf that forgot mouths exist.

    3. This scarf that has a serious case of multiple personality disorder.

    4. This scarf that is really just a boa constrictor disguised as a bright, GAP accessory.

    5. This scarf that thought for a second it was an In-N-Out smock.

    6. This scarf that could have only come out of Bjork's imagination.

    7. This scarf that forgot it's supposed to be a different color than its sweater.

    8. This scarf that didn't realize it's silly to wear a scarf without a shirt.

    9. This scarf that is trying to hide its confusion over having pockets by hiding its owner's face.

    10. This scarf that doesn't remember if it's supposed to be a hoodie or a scarf.

    11. This scarf that saw Man of Steel one too many times.

    12. This scarf that was too fabulous for its own good.

    13. This scarf that thought it was Joseph's coat of many colors.

    14. This scarf that got a little too excited about doing its job.

    15. This scarf that was just trying to keep up with Lenny's voluminous beanies.

    Fame Flynet

    16. And this scarf in the midst of an existential crisis without any body to keep warm.

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