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17 Of The Absolute Best Whiskey Bars In New York City

Whiskey crawl, anyone? Conveniently sorted by location.

If you've ever been in search of a decent whiskey in the city, we're here to help.

1. Astoria (Queens): Sweet Afton

2. TriBeCa: Brandy Library

3. Financial District: Fraunces Tavern

4. Lower East Side: The Whiskey Ward

5. Chinatown: Whiskey Tavern

6. Flatiron: Rye House

7. Flatiron Part II: Maysville

8. Alphabet City: Idle Hands Bar

9. East Village: d.b.a.

10. West Village: Highlands

11. West Village Part II: Hudson Bar & Books

12. Hell's Kitchen: On The Rocks

13. Midtown: The Campbell Apartment

14. Upper East Side: Caledonia Scottish Pub

15. Upper West Side: Barley & Grain

16. Williamsburg (Brooklyn): The Whiskey Brooklyn

17. Crown Heights (Brooklyn): The Crown Inn