12 Kick-Ass Gay Women In Comics And Graphic Novels

    Yes, All Super Women.

    1. America Chavez / Miss America (Young Avengers)

    2. Kate Kane / Batwoman (Batwoman 52)

    3. Renee Montoya / The Question (Batwoman 52)

    4. Karolina Dean / Lucy in the Sky (Runaways)

    5. Ramona Flowers (Scott Pilgrim)

    6. Gwendolyn (Saga)

    7. Clementine and Emma (Blue Is the Warmest Color)

    8. Agent 355 (Y: The Last Man)

    9. Dr. Allison Mann (Y: The Last Man)

    A brilliant scientist who blames herself for the death of men (a result of an ego-driven biological experiment), Allison Mann is ready to right her wrongs. She uses her supreme intellect to guide Yorick and Agent 355 to safety and answers. While navigating, she begins an intense physical relationship with Agent 355. She may physically be the weak link on their little team, but she may also be the scientist they need to save the world.

    10. Betty (Rat Queens)

    11. Tank Girl (Tank Girl)

    12. Various Characters (Dykes to Watch Out for)