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Hipstamaticat Photography

What's a hipster to do with his feline? Take artsy fartsy pictures and edit them with Hipstamatic, of course! Check out many, many more lo-fi kitty pictures at Hipstamaticat.

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  • 1.

    So pensive. source

  • 2.

    Nothing really matters. source

  • 3.

    So tragically hip. source

  • 4.

    It's ironic. source

  • 5.

    It's a vintage table throw. source

  • 6.

    Artistic angles only, please! source

  • 7.

    Too cool to care. source

  • 8.

    I'm a pretty affluent writer. No big deal. source

  • 9.

    This is our next independently released album cover. source

  • 10.

    Yeah, it's whatever. source

  • 11.

    Full of stars. source

  • 12.

    Those are all VHS tapes, btw. source

  • 13.

    Andre, bitches. I'm too classy for PBR. source

  • 14.

    Dreamy light leaks. source

  • 15.

    Just a crazy night. No big deal. source