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    • asdfghjkl129

      omg, no dude, did you not read the “chill the fuck out” part? Also, not every conservative is anti-gay, anti-minority, and just anti-human rights in general…for you to make that claim makes you look even more moronic than you say this article is. And your cute little “false balance” argument? Yeah, goes out the window with your elitist attitude. That’s the one thingIhate about liberals-andIeven consider myself to be more center-is how goddamn great they think they are. Just because you’re pro choice (like myself, OMGACONSERVATIVE) and you believe in basic human rights you think you’re gods gift to earth and feel the need to shove it in everyones faces. trust me, you’re not. what you can’t get through your arrogant skull is that social change, if desired by/fought for by enough people, and the other part of the country has enough people willing to tolerate it, then it will happen regardless of who is in charge. Economic policies, however, are directly dependent on who is in office at that given time. Asafuture doctor, Obama has royally fucked me over. Trust me, I’m clearly not in it for the money if I’m still pursuing this dream of mine, but how do you expect your glorious obamacare to work when there’s no doctors? or graduate medical education funding? hokay. My middle class family has suffered because of his policies; my parents worked so hard to move toatown withagreat school district despite the fact that we are not at all rich. obama doesn’t giveashit though, right? you think conservaties don’t live in reality? Reality check dude, you guys didn’t just drink the kool aid, you finished it all and went back for seconds. extremists on both sides are wrong. but that makes you wrong too. you, sir, arealiberal asshole andiam glad thatiwill not have to associate with the likes of you. CHRISTIE RUBIO 2016KBAI

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