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What It Feels Like Being A Conservative On The Internet

It's tough... but hey, somebody's gotta have some sense.

What it felt like when Obama was reelected:

When the mainstream media calls Obama the next Reagan:

When your liberal friends applaud everything that Obama does:

When you heard Obama was raising the minimum wage:

When you realize Obama's plans for the deficit are essentially just this:

And this:

When you see someone wearing an Obama shirt:

How it felt watching the SOTU:

Every time you see someone on my Facebook feed drinking the Obama Kool-aid:

When a liberal loves something Obama did, but hated it when Bush did it:

What it feels like to be the only conservative in the room:

...When it should feel like this:

When Obama takes credits for policies Bush put in place:

When liberals say America doesn't have a spending problem:

When liberals try to use the constitution as a defense:

As if they ever even read it:

What it feels like trying to defend your personal freedoms:

Watching liberals blindly put their faith in the government:

The direction the country looks like it's going in:

How it feels when you hear Obama is raising taxes yet again:

But then you remember that 2016 is only three years away...

And you just can't wait to say...