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  • Kindergarteners Show Their Pride! NOH8!

    Remember last year’s kindergarten “Vogue”? Well, we’re back this year with with a rainbow-clad cover of Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors.” Their cuteness is like kryptonite against hate! The lesson learned: love yourself, and always show love, kindness, and respect to others no matter who they are. Regardless of ethnicity, sex, gender, religious creed, or sexual orientation, EVERYONE is worthy of love.

  • Kindergarteners + Pop Songs = Movie Magic!

    Hello Matt! I had an update for you on a story you featured last June. The teacher responsible for kindergarten “Vogue” (me!) is back with a short film this year based on the classic “Miss Nelson is Missing.” It is making the rounds on several education blogs, but it could have wider appeal since it features music by Bjork, Garbage, Madonna, and Blondie and has a few pop culture references (Bette Davis, Mommie Dearest, not impressed, Madonna’s infamous “reductive” comment, etc.) that might make it interesting for the grown ups as well. Take a look and see what you think. Your story last year helped my kids make Buzzfeed’s “Best kids of 2012” list. Maybe this year’s class could be one of your candidates for “Best Kids of 2013.” ;-) I’ve thanked you via Facebook and tweets for making “Vogue” a hit, but if you never received those messages, let me say thank you again! If you could take a look at our short film, we would appreciate your consideration. Thank you for your time! Art Avina Olympic PC LAUSD

  • Material Girl (Kindergarten Style)

    Last June, you posted a video of my kindergarten students performing Madonna’s “Vogue” and helped it become a viral hit. As their teacher, I would like to personally thank you. I know I speak for my kids and their families when I say that you made us feel like superstars and filled us with a real sense of pride and accomplishment. It was a great achievement for my students and myself to be recognized in such a way, and I wanted to know if you would be willing to help give my new students the same opportunity. We recently performed our school play, and one of the musical numbers in our play was a revamped version of “Material Girl.” I have been a teacher for 10 years and I have always incorporated pop music into our performances. Now that I’m finally filming our work, we hope you can help us share our work with the world. Thank you for your consideration! Arturo Avina Teacher Olympic PC LAUSD

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